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Jual Water Flow Control + Flow Sensor + Solenoid Valve Tlp : 08128222998

Jual Water Flow Control + Flow Sensor + Solenoid Valve  Tlp : 08128222998 

Water Flow Control + Flow Sensor + Solenoid Valve

Flow Meter cairan dengan fungsi untuk alokasi, atau pembagian air, minuman, sirup, bensin, oli, cairan lainnya

- The use of advanced single-chip computer technology
- DC24V 8V wide range of external power supply,
- New flow measurement and control instrumentation LCD dynamic display.
- Ultra-thin design, generous, beautiful. With small size, light weight,
- Display, intuitive readings, clear, obvious advantages of higher reliability,
- And pulse output flow sensor and solenoid valve supporting the composition of the flow control system

Operating voltage range: DC24V 8V / 1A
Solenoid operating voltage: DC12V / 0.3A-0.5A (normally closed solenoid valve)
Flow probe voltage: DC5V (flow probe input signal 1-400Hz, square wave)
Quantitative range: 0.1-9999 liters, K value can be placed in the instrument constant maximum 1-9999 liters / minute
Suitable for: Suitable for petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, water and other small and medium gas industry
Quantitative flow of the liquid (bulk) management control.

Specific features are as follows:
1, ultra-thin design, flexible installation: Suitable for all models are equipped with easy to use;
2, the use of large, white backlit LCD screen: beautiful, generous, making it truly digital;
3, using the wide range of external power supply: its application is broader, more and more models are connected;
4, equipped with sensors, solenoid valves, can achieve a variety of industry gas, liquid flow, quantitative (batch) management control and display;
5, the temperature detection: detects temperatures of the liquid and display

Application:Petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, small and medium water machine and other industries gas, liquid flow quantity (batch) management control.

Package contains:
1x Water Flow Control LCD Meter
1x Flow Sensor 1/2" (bawaan 30lt/menit bisa diganti sendiri)
1x Solenoid valve 1/2"

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Pusat Jual Alat Survey Indonesia
Alamat : Jalan H.Kelik No.20 RT.03 / RW.08 Kelapa Dua Kebon Jeruk Jakarta Barat
Nama : Firmansyah
Telp : 08128222998
Wa : 08128222998 / 087770760007
Fax : (021).22054159
Email :

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